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How do you let your child surf safely online?

With the rise of iPads and tablets, online safety has become a bigger challenge than ever before. Not only do we have to fear spreading our own personal information, but also we need to watch our children when they are browsing the internet. Today, children at young age already have a tablet or a smartphone, but how do you avoid for to be in danger online?

1. Do not let them talk to strangers

Parents already gave this tip a hundred years ago. But also in the online world it is better for children to avoid strangers. Although there are no immediate criminal things going on, an online conversation can quickly result in dangerous or even illegal practices. Definitely warn your children about contacting people who they only know online.

2. Personal Information

Nowadays you do not have much to browse much or you already come across a page where they ask for your personal information. Give your children the advice to not fill out addresses, email addresses or phone numbers of themselves or the family.

3. The Internet Is Forever

Many people do not always realize it, but what you post on the internet (and social media), forever stays online. Even if you remove that embarrassing pictures or nasty message. Posting certain comment or opinion online can forever haunt your children. Not always a good thing considering their future employers screen their job candidates online.

4. Safe Browsing

The internet is full of websites that are not intended for children. So it is better to let your children browse through a secure browser. Google can let your kids search safely online and blocks all child-unfriendly results.

5. Keep an eye on it yourself

You can take as steps as possible to ensure that your children are safe online but there is no better way than keep an eye on it yourself. Keep an eye on the surfing habits of your children to avoid any dangerous situations.

6. Social Media

If your kids are online, they might have their own social profile pages somewhere. Social media may well be enjoyable for photos and status post but is also a great resource for people with bad intentions. So always let your children set their profile to private.

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