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Man in the middle attacks, does a VPN prevent this?

Safe internet means that no one can steal your data. However, Internet criminals are smart and no matter how good you think they are protected, the public internet is an easy way to hack. Especially when you use Wi-Fi connections unnoticed and are redirected and intercepted by hackers. This is a so-called Man In The Middle attack. If you choose to surf with a VPN connection, the chance that this happens is much smaller.

What is a Man In The Middle (MITM) attack?

In a MITM attack, the network (internet) traffic is initially intercepted by a hacker via a diversion. You do not notice that because the public Wi-Fi connection seems legitimate. What happens next is that the data you think you share securely – think of bank data – because they are encrypted, are easily deciphered by the internet criminal.

Where MITM attacks used to go mainly via PCs, a hacker nowadays increasingly focuses on mobile devices. There are various ways in which data can be deciphered. For example, by removing the HTTPS (the familiar green lock in the address bar of your browser) from a link. Or the security protocol that protects the website is replaced by an older version so that the data is no longer secure and the hacker can get away with it.

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No matter how good your firewall or virus scanner is, smart hackers know how to handle this. And when you surf online, there is also a lot of personal information available for websites, the government and companies. They may not have any harm intended, but they will know more about you than you want them to. When you access the internet via a VPN server, your personal details are well protected. A VPN client encrypts Internet traffic via AES. With this encryption, data is encrypted and decrypted again. For an internet criminal it is very difficult to hack the encryption because it consists of a very long number and it takes too much time to try all combinations of numbers.

GOOSE VPN security

In addition to security, VPN also offers anonymity. You surf through a server that can be located anywhere in the world and an IP address is assigned based on that location. So with an American server you also get an American IP address while in reality you are in the Netherlands. The other way around is also possible: then you can connect to a Dutch server from abroad and get a Dutch IP address. With this you can circumvent geographic blockades on websites and you have many more possibilities on the internet.

What does GOOSE VPN offer?

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