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Hackers avoid your mobile phone because of a VPN

More and more private individuals and companies are confronted with so-called ransomware, a kind of malware that wants to hack data. This is of course something you want to avoid, as it can cause a lot of costs. Thereby there is never the guarantee that you will recover your lost data effectively, and it is therefore important to prevent such a situation.

But ransomware still does not ring a bell with many people, especially when it is associated with mobile devices. The threat is real, however, since last year the increase in mobile malware has risen sharply – by almost 100 percent.

Of course the key question is: what exactly can you do about this? There are several ways to offer a solution against ransomware, and an overview of this is therefore important.

The greatest threats of ransomware

In any case, ransomware is a malware that you, as a user of a mobile phone, do not want to be confronted with. At a private level, it is already a disaster, but especially if business data is lost, you are in trouble. To know what you can do about it, it is important to first investigate where the threats come from. Once you have an eye on that, it is easier to take the necessary steps and protect your device against ransomware – and all the unpleasant consequences that this entails.

The best tips to avoid hackers getting into your mobile phone

Ransomware is a form of hacking that takes you into a checkmate: your data is stolen (or ‘taken hostage’), after which an anonymous third party asks for money in exchange for releasing the data. Of course this is an uncertain matter, because even if you pay effectively, there is no guarantee that you will also get your data back.

Prevention in this case is therefore much better than cure. The following tips can help you to not give ransomware a chance and protect both your private and corporate data – even on your smartphone!

1. Securing your device

Especially if you have an Android device, the risk of infection with ransomware is very high, especially if you install apps outside the Play Store. Adding an extra barrier of security is therefore the best solution, and that is possible through an anti-virus program. Such software will trigger an alarm if the installation of a program or downloading a link involves malware. Of course it is not certain that this is ransomware, but the chance is big.

Mobiele VPN

2. Enjoy mobile VPN security

Internet is now available everywhere, and that is of course a positive development. Yet this also entails some risks, including ransomware. You can never know exactly how secure a wireless network is, and connecting to it is often a leap in the deep. In any case, it is important to protect yourself against these break-ins, for example by means of a VPN connection. That way you enjoy mobile VPN security and it is almost impossible to hack your data.

A VPN service replaces, as it were, your IP address with someone else’s, as a result of which your anonymity is guaranteed and you can thus surf the Internet more securely. The result is that ransomware can not steal your data, just because they can not find it. Choosing a VPN connection is probably the best and cheapest way to be optimally protected against hackers at all times, so you can use the internet without worries and your mobile VPN security is a certainty.

3. Copy your data

Another good way to protect your data on your mobile phone from ransomware is to copy and save it to a place that is not connected to your mobile device or a computer. That way, in case you are dealing with ransomware, you still have a back-up of your information and files, so you do not lose everything.

An optimal protection against ransomware

There are several ways to protect yourself against hackers. The best measure, however, is still to use VPN connection, as it is then impossible for hackers to know where you are in the first place. The internet is a powerful tool, but one that also entails risks. Protect yourself against this with GOOSE VPN, and your privacy and anonymity are a fact!

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