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Why You Need a VPN Service

If your work or lifestyle requires you to travel a lot, you may find that you often have to connect to public WiFi hotspots in airports, hotels, and coffee shops to gain Internet access. However, what you may not realize is how insecure these networks are for your private data, and that skilled attackers may be able to gain access to your personal information, passwords, and even bank or credit card information if you access sites which require that information. Perhaps you think that seeing “https” and a lock icon in your browser toolbar is enough to protect your sensitive information from attackers, but this is not the case. Blackhat hackers have recently demonstrated how easy it is to bypass Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption used by many “secure” web pages and compromise your private information. This is quite easy to do when you are connected to a public or shared WiFi network. To truly make sure that your private information is safe, you need another layer of security.

What is a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network), also known as a “tunneling service,” allows you to establish a secure and encrypted connection between your personal computer and a secure computer on the internet, making your traffic undecipherable to any attackers who may be on a public network. These tunneling services make your data highly resistant to attack by Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) or brute force methods, as attackers cannot read your information without the secret key, and they would need a very powerful supercomputer to recover this key.

Powerful Encryption

Many tunneling services allow you to choose from a host of encryption protocols, including very secure protocols like IPSec, Internet Key Exchange (IKE), and Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP), or very fast protocols like Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) and OpenVPN TCP, depending on your needs. Having access to multiple encryption protocols ensures that your data is secured while giving you the flexibility to control your speed. This is why GooseVPN allows you to select from multiple encryption protocols, depending on your needs.

Anonymity and Privacy

VPNs also provide anonymity and privacy on the web by hiding (or “masking”) your computer’s IP address. Some attackers may try to track your internet activity by watching your IP address, but when you connect to the Wi-Fi through a tunneling service, an attacker or spy can only see your server’s IP address and not that of your private computer. What’s more, an attacker will have a hard time differentiating between your traffic and the traffic of other users connecting through that server.

Furthermore, many Internet servers will keep track of your internet traffic in system logs. Tunneling services can protect you from keeping activity logs which may fall into the wrong hands by having a no-log policy. Internet computers will not be able to tell what traffic belongs to your computer or another, nor will they be able to access logs of your data. GooseVPN has a strict no-logging policy, ensuring that your personal data remains safe at all times.

Access Geographically-Blocked Content

Another major perk of using a virtual private network is that you can often access digital content which is otherwise blocked in your region. Are you tired of traveling abroad and seeing the “this content not yet available in your region” notification? A tunneling service can allow you to access content from your home country or other countries by giving you an IP address from a server physically located in that country. Now you can stream videos, unlock content, and more while traveling abroad.

Are you willing to risk having your personal data compromised by attackers on public Wi-Fi networks? Find a tunneling service that is right for your traveling needs today and get secured.

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