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This is how you notice if your computer got hacked

Every day you hear horror stories about hacked computers and people who can no longer enter their computer without paying. That makes you doubt yourself. What if someone secretly looks at everything you do? With these tips you can increase your online safety.

Pop-ups, pop-ups and even more pop-ups

Are you crazy lately about all the pop-ups that appear continuously when you’re on the internet? Then there is a good chance that something is wrong. There are of course websites that deliberately distribute pop-ups, but if you surf on good websites and you still get to see – vague – pop-ups, you have to check your computer for viruses. There is a chance that someone wants to hack your computer.

Passwords suddenly change

You have entered the password for your gmail account ten times and it still refuses. Oh! Are you sure it’s the right password? Then your account is probably hacked. Someone knew your password and changed it or someone got access to your computer. Anyway: your account has been hacked. For your online security it is important that you never use the same password twice and also choose a password that you can not guess.

There are new programs on your computer

When you suddenly see a new program on your computer that you do not know at all, the alarms must go off. Ask people who have used your computer if they have installed it. Is that not the case? Then someone broke into your computer. Make sure you install a good antivirus program that removes any malware.

Fake warnings

There are hackers who install a virus on your computer that sends you fake antivirus messages stating that your computer is infected with a dangerous virus. You then have to buy an antivirus program to solve it. Do not do that! When you click on the link you are sent, you will be asked for credit card information. These programs have been developed to steal money, so do not fall for this.

VPN voorkomt Hackers

Your contacts receive fake emails from you

When your e-mail program is hacked, the virus will spread worms to increase its reach. If your contacts tell you that they have received emails from you that you have not sent, it means that someone broke into your account and wanted to hack you. Change your password as quickly as possible.

Ransom messages

When you get a ransom message, your computer is certainly hacked. When you are attacked with ransomware, certain files and programs are locked. You can re-enter your computer against payment of ransom. Paying must be done with bitcoins so that the perpetrators can not be traced.

Your mouse moves by itself

When your mouse moves by itself and makes selections, that means someone is operating your PC. It can be hardware problems, but when certain selections are made it is likely that someone wants to take over your computer.

Prevent yourself from getting hacked

Most people do not believe that their computer is interesting enough for hackers, but nothing is less true. Especially personal information such as bank details is very popular. Ransomware is becoming increasingly popular and that means that no one’s personal data is still safe.

VPN security

Do you surf a lot via public WiFi networks? Then it is smart to use a VPN. That is a secure connection so that no one can watch with your internet traffic. You remain completely anonymous and your data remains protected. VPN security is very important in an era where hacking is more prominent than ever.

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