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Online shopping? Use a VPN!

Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular. Especially now that the holidays are approaching, sometimes 17 up to orders per minute are placed at online web shops. When you shop online you use your bank details and that is why it is extremely important that everything is as safe as possible.

The Netherlands comes first when it comes to online shopping. Nowhere in Europe there is as much online shopping as in our country: more than half of us uses it gratefully. There is also a large part of society that finds online shopping exciting, and that is not for nothing. After all, you are using your bank details and all caution is required. Did you think online shopping was always safe? Not really! Hackers are getting smarter by the day and thanks to all the other internet criminals, it is becoming more and more difficult to keep your personal details private. So there is a chance that you end up with a fake version of Amazon, eBay or PayPal, with all the consequences. Even the best webshops do not always have the best security, which makes your personal details extra vulnerable. In addition, your password can be hacked.


That is why it is smart to pay attention to various things, such as whether the connection is secure or not. If there is a lock next to the URL and the extension of the URL starts with https instead of http, the website is better secured. With such a website you can pay safely with your credit card.

The payment method is also important, especially when the webshop only has one payment option, there is a risk. Paying with a credit card is still the least safe. Besides paying attention to the URL and using a secure payment method, there is also something like VPN security. Do you not want to take any risks? Then use VPN encryption so that you are always optimally protected.

What is a VPN?

Your IP address contains a huge amount of information that hackers can use to retrieve your credit card details, PayPal information and other financial data. A VPN creates a secure connection that provides extra protection during online shopping. You do not need extra hardware for this, just the software. The VPN then uses special VPN encryption and makes a secure connection between different networks. You easily choose a server and the VPN encrypts all your internet traffic. The server also ensures that your location can not be retrieved. Guaranteed VPN security.

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A VPN for online shopping

When you first buy something at a new website, it is wise to use a VPN. If the connection of the website is not secure, then yours is secure at least. In addition, it is wise to always use a VPN when you use a public WiFi network. Criminals can easily look at what you do and so they quickly take over your bank details. When you have a VPN you can shop with confidence, even on the websites you know so well. Because nobody wants his or her data to be on the street.

More advantages of a VPN

And that is not the only reason to use a VPN. Many providers ensure that your connection can not be established via international servers. So you can not shop abroad in your own country and you can not buy anything abroad. A VPN can connect to, for example, an American server, so you can simply shop at an American webshop. So you can also order something from your holiday that is waiting for you when you come home, which is ideal! With a VPN you can also access PayPal in countries where it is blocked, such as different Arab countries. This can be useful when you are on vacation and want to check your balance.

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