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Pineapple WiFi has nothing on GOOSE VPN!

Anyone that gladly surfs the Internet with a public WiFi network, for example in a café, restaurant, or other public place, is aware that there are also certain dangers attached to the use of such networks. If your laptop or other mobile device is not secured, the risk that third parties will get access to personal information only becomes bigger. Think about sensitive data, photos, contacts and much more.

Searching for ways to secure your data begins by realizing that public networks are often not that safe. One of the greatest threats for people who surf publically is Pineapple WiFi. This is the place for some more information about this WiFi and the dangers it entails.

What is Pineapple WiFi?

The Pineapple WiFi is actually a small device that has various Ethernet connections, as well as a USB and WiFi connection. The apparatus functions on Jasager firmware. This firmware uses OpenWRT as basis, a kind of alternative for certain operating systems for routers. Pineapple is very suitable for testing applications, WiFi users, and WiFi networks because it will present itself as a so-called “access point”.

Numerous laptops, tablets, and smartphones have software for networks that establish connections by itself with access points that have already been visited earlier. Pineapple makes in this way connection with the device by presenting itself as one of these access points. The result? The user of the connection gives – without knowing it – personal information to Pineapple, with all consequences of this. All traffic goes through Pineapple from that moment on, enabling the storage and alteration of information.

Pineapple can, however, be used also for purposes other than hacking the person next to you on the train. Tracing services and penetration testers also use it in order to detect information about sensitive political topics or secrets.

Pineapple is therefore a kind of trap, disguised as WiFi hotspot. It offers the user a connection but will – as soon as it is set up – retrieve all visited websites, passwords and other online information.

Protect yourself against a Pineapple hotspot

Now that it is clear what exactly such a Pineapple entails, it is of course also important to know how you can protect yourself against it. There are various ways of doing this and an overview is then also interesting:

  • Do not connect with a public network that you do not know or recognize just like that
  • Try not to type any passwords or other personal information if you are connected with a public network
  • Regularly check your public WiFi settings and remove those that you do not know
  • Always ensure that your firewall is activated before you make a connection with a wireless public network
  • Finally, always be careful that you don’t see any Pineapples!

Surf even more safely in public, with a VPN connection

The best way to protect yourself against Pineapple WiFi is by choosing a VPN connection, or Virtual Private Network. Such connections are established completely anonymously. This means sensitive information (such as passwords and online data) are always kept secret for third parties.

A VPN connection is a connection with the Internet in which the user gets another IP address. Although such connections seem to be primarily convenient for watching the latest episodes of your favourite series on Netflix or for visiting websites that are normally not visible in your home country, they are also perfect for circumventing Pineapples. A VPN thus also helps to avoid having a hacker take off with your personal data.

VPN pineapple wifi

GOOSE VPN, THE VPN service for safe surfing

The security of your personal data and online passwords is thus something that is very much in your control. A VPN can undoubtedly help you to use the Internet in an even safer way. With a VPN u can also be always sure of privacy – also if you use a public WiFi hotspot.

GOOSE VPN is the perfect example of a VPN that cherishes anonymity and the security of data. This makes this service THE solution for those who want to be sure of their privacy during a connection with a WiFi network.

Thanks to a low monthly price, an exceptional server speed, and a service that meets expectations for trustworthiness as well as for ease of use, GOOSE VPN is the perfect VPN service for Internet users who are often on the road and also want to be secured against hackers and cybercriminals -who all too often use a Pineapple.

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