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Safe internet with HTTPS and VPN

You know it; that green lock in the address bar of your internet browser. Green means that you can safely visit the website without jeopardizing your data. By definition, red means that the website does not have a security model and your data is therefore not encrypted. In that case it is better to leave the website. When you only visit websites with that green lock, you are assured that your data is not at risk. Especially in combination with a firewall and virus software on your computer. If you also extend this with VPN security, then you can be sure that you surf safely online.

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS is the acronym for Hyper Text Transport Protocol Secure. It is the secure version of HTTP. HTTP is a so-called protocol that is used everywhere on the internet to visit websites. The difference between HTTP and HTTPS is that the latter sends data with a security protocol. The familiar green lock. You will encounter those when you use internet banking and in most web shops. It may happen that you see a lock in the address bar of the internet browser, but that there is a yellow warning triangle. In that case the website is secured but there is unsecured content on the website. The website often runs on an outdated security protocol. For the consumer it is a safe feeling when they see a green lock and for companies with a webshop it also ensures a better ranking in Google.


Combine HTTPS with VPN security

If you want to be really secure, then you combine HTTPS with VPN security. A VPN provider ensures that your internet traffic is encrypted so that companies, websites and the government have no insight into this. This way you are well protected and you are sure that your data is also. In addition, VPN offers anonymity and freedom because it masks your location. Because you connect to a VPN server that can be located anywhere in the world, you also get a local IP address. A VPN server in Japan also means a Japanese IP address, while you are actually in the Netherlands. Or you connect to a Dutch server and get a Dutch IP address when you are abroad. This way you avoid restrictions on websites based on your location.

What does GOOSE VPN offer?

GOOSE VPN is a VPN client that protects you when you are on the internet. The registration is simple and the software can be installed quickly and easily on the familiar operating systems, such as Windows, OSX and Linux. GOOSE VPN also works on the mobile operating systems of Android and iOS. GOOSE VPN offers a very high speed and you also have access to the content of Netflix USA and various websites to download torrents.

Learn more about GOOSE VPN

With GOOSE VPN security you are well protected when you surf the internet, want to download something or want to stream content. Are you curious about the operation of VPN and do you want to use the internet safely? Try GOOSE VPN with a 30 days money back guarantee.

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