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Secure online banking with a VPN service

The internet is increasingly used to perform online payments. Unfortunately, this also means that people are often targeted by fraudsters and cyber criminals who want to gain access to their financial credentials. Even though mobile banking is the future, it is advisable to be careful while performing online transactions. Below you can find some tips to ensure you can safely access your bank account.

Avoid clicking on suspicious e-mails

Did you receive an e-mail from your “bank” asking for your personal details or login credentials? No way. You should ignore any e-mails that request such information. Furthermore, it is recommended that you do not open these messages and especially any documents that are attached. These often contain viruses that are able to intercept and steal your financial details.

Set alerts

Many banks allow you to set certain notifications or alerts when they’ve spotted unusual activity regarding your account. For example, if a large amount has been withdrawn from your account or when someone is trying to access your account from another location. If you are not able to set any warnings, it is best to regularly check your account and go through your settings, logs and recent transactions.

Always sign out

When you’ve completed your transactions and want to close the website, it’s always better to sign out first. Most banks have a website on which you are automatically signed out if you didn’t do it yourself, but if that isn’t the case, hackers may gain access your personal information.

Use a complex username and password

These should be a bit better than just your first name and date of birth or the name of your children. You wouldn’t even believe how many people are using “password” as their password! Such data can easily be tracked down and figured out by even the most novice hackers. Certainly when all of your personal information is easily accessible on your social media account. So it’s best you come up with an illicit username and password.

Don’t use a Wi-Fi hotspot for your payments

Performing payments through a public Wi-Fi network is the way to go if you want to make it easy for hackers. Public networks are often insecure, allowing every user to intercept and access the data of other users.

Secure online banking with GOOSE VPN

If you still want to perform online transactions, then you might consider purchasing a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This service connects your computer with a server in a country of your choice and ensures that you can establish a safe connection with the internet. This way, hackers aren’t able to intercept your personal data, even if you’re using a public Wi-Fi network. GOOSE VPN, is a respected provider who offers a simple and user-friendly solution.

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