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Smart TV and VPN, does this work?

Smart TV is one of the most popular services for television, exactly because users have much more freedom with it in watching programs and series. With the ever growing popularity of VPN connections, the question naturally is whether you can watch your Smart TV also with a VPN. The answer is yes, as long as you choose the right VPN provider.

The GOOSE VPN service, for example, is very suitable for watching Smart TV and there is no limit on the available series, movies, and programs. One of the most popular Smart Television services is Kodi and you can get even more out of it with a VPN connection – regarding offer as well as privacy.

Before you can really start with Kodi, it is of course important to know what exactly this service entails and how a VPN connection makes its use simpler and more pleasant.

What exactly is Kodi?

Kodi is actually an acronym for Kernless Operating Desktop Interface and was earlier known by the name XBMC. It is a media center with really advanced functions and is moreover open source, which means that you can use it for free. There are very many add-ons, made by the Kodi community, that provide access to movies, music, videos, documentaries, etc. Furthermore, Kodi can also be used for watching videos, photos and much more on Smart TV.

Kodi is, in a nutshell, an open source software that offers many more possibilities for users who want to watch their favorite series and movies. In order to get even more out of it, however, getting a VPN connection is the best decision that you can make.

A unique TV app, by GOOSE VPN

The GOOSE VPN service is the very first that has developed a unique TV app for Android, through which you can use programs such as Kodi while fully protected. First and foremost it is of course important to make a connection with a VPN server, after which you start up the Kodi app. From that moment on, you can stream fully protected, anonymously, and carefree.

Furthermore, thanks to the Android Box, you can very easily watch videos, music, movies, and photos in an optimal HD quality. Without Kodi, the Android TV is, however, not fully complete. Normally, they are already integrated to each other but you might have to download and install them separately.

Kodi is without a doubt the best tool for creating an unparalleled authentic multimedia experience. You can reach the Google Play Store both via your smartphone and your TV, where you can find more information about the Android TV app of GOOSE VPN.

The many advantages of Kodi with a VPN connection

A Virtual Private Network is not really necessary for using programs such as Kodi, but it is very convenient. The connection with a VPN server offers, after all, various advantages. It is thus possible to download and stream completely anonymously, which means that personal data are not intercepted. Geo-restrictions pose, furthermore, no obstacle and you can easily access content that is normally not accessible in your country. On the other hand, you can also always access foreign websites, TV programs, and information that is only available in the Netherlands.

Zofia Janicki
Goed om films en series uit het buitenland te kunnen kijken.
Yasmine Hassan
GOOSE VPN werkt snel en heeft een goede service.
Sanne Hendriks
Uitstekende klantenservice.Vragen worden snel beantwoord!
Sander Weber
Handig voor als je in het buitenland bent, of juist wanneer je iets uit het buitenland wilt kijken!
Sam Jones
Groot fan van de autopilot functie. Hierdoor hoef ik zelf niet na te denken over het inschakelen van de VPN.
Ramon de Jong
Werkt perfect en snelle servers.
Peter Schouten
Zeer te spreken over het product. Genoeg servers, werkt gemakkelijk, redelijke prijs en het Cyber Alarm is een goede toevoeging.
Pauline Visser
Eenvoudig, gemakkelijk en goedkoop!
Oliver Burke
Goed product. Weinig tot geen verlies in snelheid na inschakelen VPN.
Noud Wagner
GOOSE VPN is de perfecte oplossing om Nederlandse tv te kijken als ik op reis ben.

Use Kodi on different devices

With certain VPN providers you can make a connection with a VPN server with only one device. With the GOOSE VPN service, however, you can use one account to connect to various devices, which means you can use Kodi on your laptop as well as on your smartphone. You can thus watch Android TV on your smartphone but also on your television, all with the same connection. This way, you can enjoy even more of your favourite programs, music, movies, etc.

A VPN connection, optimal use of Kodi

It is clear that a VPN connection only offers advantages for those who want to make better use of programs such as Kodi. In a world where the Internet becomes ever more free and simultaneously ever more censored, being able to count on a connection that gives access to more content, without limitations from geo-restrictions and other obstacles, is only added value.

Kodi is a program for every media lover: from photos to videos, series and films, everything is possible with it. Choosing a VPN connection then is also a logical second step if you want to get more out of it. Thanks to an anonymous online identity, based on another IP address, enjoying media becomes easier, safer and, moreover, also much more pleasant. The GOOSE VPN service realizes this and also wants users to be able to enjoy this.

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