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The various types of VPN networks

Making use of a VPN or Virtual Private Network has greatly increased in popularity in recent years. Especially the rise of social media and public hotspots have made sure that using this type of network is a very big advantage to be able to use the Internet safely. In this article you will read more about the various types of VPN networks.

What is a Virtual Private Network?

When you make use of a VPN or Virtual Private Network to surf the Internet you will be forwarded to a different server than normally. This alternative connection not only ensures that your IP address is changed but it also ensures that you are on a secured network. This is definitely an advantage when you frequently make use of a public, unsecured WiFi network whereby each users of that network can look into your data.

What various types of VPN networks exist?

Network related Virtual Private Network
This type of network is used when various networks are to be connected with one another. This method is often used by companies or organizations that have office in various parts of the world and often need to exchange data.

Client related Virtual Private Network
As the name indicates, this type of network connects various users to a network. For this, the user will need a username and password to login to the network. Once logged in, the user has access to all data of the network, in a secured manner. This type of Virtual Private Network is used by most Internet users world wide. Windows, iOS and Android are platforms that often allow their device to operate through this type of network.

Benefits of a Virtual Private Network

Why is it better to make use of a Virtual Private Network? Well, this secured connection not only ensures that you will no longer be bothered by georestrictions (think of YouTube), but it also ensures that you can surf the Internet safely. Nowadays, the Internet is often accessed through a public, usually unprotected, free WiFi network. However, many people do not realize that such networks make it very easy for a hacker to run off with your private data. A Virtual Private Network protects you from theft of your data and ensures your privacy on the Internet.

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