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VPN for freelancers: protect your and your clients’ data

Freelancers are their own bosses and generate an income by realizing various projects for clients. This comes with many advantages, such as having your own planning, being able to work anywhere in the world with a lot of diversity due to the project-based manner of working. These projects are very valuable, because when a freelancer is not able to successfully complete them, he or she will not have an income. But this also has other consequences; the freelancer not only has their own data to worry about, but also the data of their clients. This is a valid reason to make sure to protect this data well. Read more about the benefits of a VPN for freelancers.

Risk for freelancers

Because freelancers are so flexible, they often work in various places within the secure digital environment that an employer would offer. Also, chances are that they are making use of a  public WiFi network, for example at an airport or at a coffee shop. Luckily the freelancer can also take steps to protect their own data – and the data of the clients, and one of the most effective ways to do this is by means of an encrypted VPN connection.

Virtual Private Network

The easiest way to secure your data is by using an encrypted VPN connection (Virtual Private Network). It doesn’t matter whether you are working at home, on the road or somewhere on a public WiFi network: the VPN will secure your data and online activities. However, even if you use a good VPN plugin, it is discouraged to make use of public WiFi networks and hotspots, because they are very vulnerable for hackers and viruses.

VPN for freelancers

Because you are not working at your client’s office, you will have to make use of  a credit card or Internet banking. When doing this, always make sure that these transactions are completed when you have a VPN connection. Additionally the site must also be protected with https (in which case you’ll see a lock next to the web address), because without this security hackers can easily retrieve your financial data.

Other measures

As a freelancers you are technically an entrepreneur, which means you are fully responsible for your business. This is why it can be wise to also take other measures in addition to the VPN connection, such as having an end-to-end encryption (done) of your data. You can also opt to invest in backup solutions and it is recommended to always keep your software up to date.

Installing a VPN

There are various VPN services available, but they tend to differ in quality and user-friendliness. A commonly used VPN is GOOSE VPN, a paid and very efficient way to protect company data.

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