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VPN for iPhone, is it necessary?

How safe is the iPhone really?

Everyone uses their iPhone on a daily basis, at any place. Without thinking about how safe this really is. The use of WiFi contributes to the odds of being hacked, often without really noticing. In this article we will answer the question: “A VPN for iPhone, is it necessary?”

Secure Internet usage

Presumably most people now think that it won’t or can’t happen to them, seeing as they have a program that prevents this. Unfortunately this is far from the truth. A regular anti virus software can not prevent  hacking. Add to this that that person, who has your IP address, can track you everywhere and it will become all the more clear how dangerous all of this is. The question you should actually ask yourself is therefore: it is possible to increase the security? By making use of a VPN, a  Virtual Private Network, you prevent that you are easily recognizable and as such, you are lowering the odds of getting hacked.

VPN for iPhone

The Virtual Private Network ensures that your IP address is regularly refreshed and changed. As such, it is virtually impossible to track your iPhone. This also makes it very difficult to hack into your network. With it, you make sure that you won’t fall victim to your use of a public Internet connection, or of data theft, or of someone getting access to your bank account. So it is worth your while to take a look at this system.

Costs of a VPN

For many of us, costs play an important role when we think about making a purchase. Luckily, costs are not a problem when it comes to buying a VPN. GOOSE VPN offers a subscription for as low as 1.80 euros per month. So for less than 2 euros per month, you are safe. Compare this to an outside attack on your bank account, and what this could mean, keeping the aftermath in mind. It is not just a breach of your privacy. The fact that a stranger gains access to your account to take your money without asking will definitely hurt your trust. And, the conversations with the police and the bank are definitely going to affect you.

We’ve all heard the saying: “Prevention is better than cure”. So do you want to prevent being trackable and reduce your chances of getting hacked? Then you should install the Virtual Private Network on your iPhone. This way, hackers will stand no chance and you will no longer be visible. Looking up an IP address is a piece of cake. Finding the corresponding address is generally also an easy thing to do. All of it can be prevented.

VPN for companies

Moreover, this is not a problem only private people struggle with. More and more companies give an iPhone to their staff. The goal is to increase availability and to facilitate working while traveling. This means that staff can log into the company network on location. From that moment on, you are vulnerable to attacks from outside. Via the iPhone, hackers can immediately gain access to the company administration. One small bug and they can search for whatever may be interesting to them without being disturbed.

GOOSE VPN will prevent this kind of misery. Seeing the monthly costs, you can definitely expect it to pay off. Those who have had their network breached know all about the trouble that was caused by it. And costs will be another great concern – because once the damage is done, it will cost a lot of money to make the programs breach-proof. It will pay off to get into contact, request information and discuss whether this may be an ideal solution to a problem that continues to spread more rapidly. Click here to register with GOOSE with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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