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Working at home without any worries

Regardless of the work you do, flexibility is expected from everybody. Formerly your work stopped at the moment you left the building, but this is no longer the case. Nowadays almost everyone takes his work home. And this makes it more dangerous, because this makes data of companies easier to hack.

In your organization, special care is taken to make sure your data is safe and secure. But outside the office, can you be so sure? At home or on the job, the security of that data is uncontrolled.

Keep your data safe

Maybe you have never realized, but if someone takes your organisation’s data home the data can be more hack sensitive. The flexibility that makes working at home possible is also a reason you have to be more careful. With all the cyber-attacks that have taken place lately and our (online) privacy we talk about daily, we become more and more aware of the online dangers.

Even if you’re not actually on the internet for your work, you are most likely connected to your Wi-Fi. This ensures that regardless you’re not using the internet you’re online anyway. And because of this it is possible for hackers to break into your files.

Many employers and employees like the possibility to work at home. This does not change, because the solution to the online dangers is a Virtual Private Network. Using a VPN, when you’re working at home, will shut all the online dangers out of the world!

Why a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network provides you online security and anonymity. When you activate a VPN this ensures that you even can send sensitive information secure. A Virtual Private Network ensures your connection is always protected and the hackers can see nothing more than useless characters. All you sent is encrypted by a secure tunnel.


You use a VPN to be secure and anonymous online. Protecting your data is an important aspect. It is therefore really important that you choose a VPN which do not save your information. There are VPN providers that keep a log and register your online activities. This makes your data still not absolutely secure. GOOSE VPN is a Virtual Private Network with a no log policy, this means that your online activities will not to be registered. All data you use during your work will not be visible for an outsider.

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