Cyber Alarm

Our Cyber Alarm analyses your internet traffic in a secure VPN connection and notifies you of possible risks, such as malware, ransomware, or viruses.

Why a Cyber Alarm?

GOOSE VPN establishes an anonymous connection between your device and the internet. This way, no one can watch your activities and you are free to virtually go wherever you want. But the fact that you are “invisible” doesn’t mean you’re immune to viruses and malware. It can always happen that you end up somewhere unwanted or accidentally download an infected file.

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Online burglar alarm

That is why prevention is not enough and we now have the Cyber Alarm, which analyses all your traffic. You have continuous insight via your dashboard and we immediately notify you when possible risks, such as ransomware, malware, or viruses are detected. With this quick notification, you can solve the problem before it’s too late!

Just compare it with your burglar alarm at home or at the office.

What Cyber Alarm does for you

Ultimate protection

Traditional virus scanners often respond too late. With Cyber Alarm you get real-time insight into all the possible dangers you download.


With the Cyber Alarm dashboard you are informed very quickly. A weekly safety report shows all the dangers the system has found for you.

Everything under control

Your internet traffic is continuously checked against the online database of millions of viruses and other dangers. Does the Cyber Alarm register a potential risk? Then Cyber Alarm will tell you exactly what is going on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The word malware is a collective term for various types of malicious software (hence the name malicious software). Malware is a piece of software that can damage data, devices, or people. Viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, and ransomware are examples of malware. There are millions of variants and hackers create new variants every day.

Malware can do many different things. Some programs lock your computer and demand money. Others break your computer or steal your personal information. Other programs secretly watch with you when you enter bank details.

Malware is a collective term for various types of malicious software. A virus is a specific type of Malware. A virus infects your computer and then multiplies itself by infecting other computers in your network. Just like a real virus.

That is not always immediately clear. Some programs can stay on your computer for years without you noticing. Sometimes you notice one of the following things:

  • Your computer is much slower
  • Your screen flickers or goes blank
  • Your mouse moves by itself

You can find more information about this here.
Make sure that you directly install a malware scanner to check your computer. Or you install Cyber Alarm. Cyber Alarm already checks your internet traffic for malicious software in advance.

The Cyber Alarm is a kind of filter that detects security risks and reports them. Cyber Alarm scans all internet traffic that comes through the VPN tunnel before it reaches your computer. The information is compared with a huge database with all known vulnerabilities, such as malware, spyware, ransomware, & Trojan horses. This database is continuously updated. If the Cyber Alarm finds a risk, you can easily detect the risk with the information of the Cyber Alarm. You can then choose the best way to solve the risk.

A virus scanner searches dangers on the computer itself. Only when a piece of malicious software is activated, the virus scanner can see and solve it. GOOSE Cyber Alarm detects malicious software before it reaches your computer. You get a notification if the Cyber Alarm sees anything suspicious. Then you can decide for yourself whether you want to stop it or not.

Think of a fire that started from a fallen candle. A virus scanner is the smoke detector. It goes off if a fire breaks out. Cyber Alarm gives a notification that the candlle is about to fall. This way you can take action proactively.

GOOSE Cyber Alarm also scans much broader than a virus scanner. This is because of the huge database of risks that is constantly compared to your internet traffic. With Cyber Alarm you can detect all possible threats and with that information you can tackle them in a targeted manner. Past dangers are also reported. This does not happen with a virus scanner.

This depends on the notification. You can easily solve some cases yourself, such as deleting a piece of illegal software. In more complex cases you can ask a professional anti-virus company for help. We can also help you with that. Please contact support via

Of course. You are at risk of downloading wrong software or clicking on wrong links on both Android and Apple phones. In some cases, the risk is even bigger on a smartphone. Smartphones are frequently used and contain a lot of personal information. Think of your social media accounts, photo’s, and bill and payment details.

No. All software is build into our VPN servers. Scanning takes place in the secure VPN tunnel before traffic reaches your computer or smartphone. All you have to do is make an account, get a GOOSE VPN Pro subscription, and click on the correct server. After that, all your internet traffic is automatically scanned for risks.

Because all internet traffic is scanned with Cyber Alarm in the VPN tunnel, you are not 100% anonymous when using Cyber Alarm. The data is stored in metadata and analysed anonymously for risks. Do you prefer to remain 100% anonymous, you can switch to a VPN server without Cyber Alarm at any time. Then you can be sure that nobody can view your data.

Theoretically it is possible, but we strongly advice against it. If you use 1 Cyber Alarm account with multiple users, it becomes very difficult to determine which person caused which alarm. Finding and solving the problem becomes almost impossible. Cyber Alarm thus becomes useless.

Yes, if you use GOOSE VPN on multiple devices, Cyber Alarm is also active on all these devices. You can track the data per device.

Safe and secure on the internet?

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