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4 things you shouldn’t do on a public WiFi

Many people make use of it: the public WiFi in schools, stations, airports, shopping malls and so on. Very convenient, but certainly not always wise to make use of. Public WiFi networks are in fact easy to crack by hackers and other cyber criminals and this means that your data could be taken from you simply because you’re making use of these networks. Do you ever wonder what you should and shouldn’t use public WiFi networks for? Continue reading, because in this article you will read when using a public WiFi network is certainly not a smart thing to do.

1: Checking your emails and accounts

Most people know that they shouldn’t check their accounts online using a public WiFi network, but checking your email is another thing you’d better not do. If you make use of a public network to check your email, hackers can reset all of your passwords through your email inbox. This means that they can steal your identity, without being able to do anything about it. To protect yourself from this, do not make use of public networks to check your mail and choose strong passwords that are tough to crack.

2: Sharing files, printers and public networks

When you are at home or at work making use of the Internet, you are sharing files, printers and public networks with others. Fine, but when you make use of a public network. Turn off everything that you could possibly share and hide as much data as possible, so that nothing can be stolen from you.

3: Visiting unsecure websites

When you go to a website, you are starting a connection with this website on the device that you are using. Someone with good skills in the field of computers and networks can use this connection to look into your data. By only making use of secure websites, you can prevent this. Does the website not have an https:// connection with a lock in the URL bar? Then close the website immediately, because it is not secure.

4: Do not use applications

If you are using a public network, it is best not to make use of applications. Rather than opening the Facebook app, just go to the website of Facebook. This is because applications have fewer security checks than websites. Furthermore, apps have access to things like your contacts, your camera and your location, which hackers can easily make use of. This is not the case for websites.

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