Most computer users already have installed anti virus software on their PC or mobile device. The use of a firewall is now also well established. Together with installing the most recent software updates, these are important measures that you can take to secure your computer against unwanted viruses or hackers. And yet, this is often not sufficient. To be fully safe on the Internet, you would best make use of a VPN: Virtual Private Network. When hearing this name you probably think of complicated situations with switches, routers, network cables and complex software. Nothing could be further from the truth: a simple VPN exists too. Continue reading to find out more about VPNs and easy VPN applications.

Outsmarting hackers with unreadable data

A VPN connection does not make use of separate network cables – it makes use of existing Internet cables and WiFi networks. The use of a VPN connection is so secure because the data that is received by your PC and sent to the Internet is encrypted in a secret manner. This way, the data becomes unreadable for possible hackers that could be “monitoring” the connection. A hacker has no use for this unreadable data.

Going underground on the web

A VPN connection does not only ensure for unreadable encrypted data, it also provided anonymity on the web. When you use a VPN connection, no one knows who you are or where you are. With a normal Internet connection, your IP address (your address on the Internet) is known. With the use of a VPN connection, you however first create a connection with a VPN server that is usually located abroad. When you want to visit a certain website, this VPN server will create a connection with the requested website. Your IP address is not visible, only the IP address of the foreign VPN server is known. Thus, no one can retrieve your identity. Because the IP address is also linked to the location, people can not find out where you are. This has quite a few advantages.

The advantages of anonymity on the web

Anonymous surfing offers quite a few advantages Websites that you visit usually keep track of your interests and preferences with cookies. Facebook and Google also carefully monitor your surfing habits and show you targeted ads. This all won’t bother you when you surf anonymously using a VPN connection. Moreover, with a VPN connection you will have full access to the contents of websites that can not be visited in some countries, for example Facebook and Google in China. It is also useful that you can watch the full offer of Netflix and YouTube in the Netherlands by using a VPN connection.

Using a simple VPN from GOOSE VPN

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