A VPN connection for MAC: secure on the web

Use a Mac? It is possible to submit sensitive and secret information on the Internet is a completely secured manner. A firewall and anti virus software are certainly useful, but you are only fully protected when your data is encrypted. This is possible with a VPN connection. Such a VPN connection can not only be used for Windows. Even for MAC computers, a VPN connection can be perfectly applied. Continue reading about the advantages of a VPN connection for MAC. These advantages do not only apply to MAC, by the way, they also apply to Windows PCs and mobile devices.

Underground on the web with a VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Through such a network, you access the Internet “underground”. The data that is sent from and to your MAC is encrypted. You often hear that hackers steal private data from people. When you make use of a VPN connection, the hacker will only run off with encrypted data that he can not decrypt, which means it is useless to them. Your private documents, photos, passwords and PIN codes are therefore safe.

Hide your IP address with a VPN connection

Don’t be mistaken when you surf the web: people are constantly keeping an eye on you! What sites you visit is known with the Internet provider. Most websites track your preferences and interests with the help of cookies. Your identity is known by your IP address: that is your “address” on the Internet. That IP address is also linked to your current location. So you don’t have a lot of privacy with a normal Internet connection. However, it is possible to hide your identity. By making use of a VPN connection for MAC, or for any other computer system, your device will make a connection with a VPN server. Spread across the entire world, there are several of such servers. In turn, the VPN server will contact the requested website. Your own IP address remains hidden, because only the IP address of the VPN server is visible for the visited website. Who you are or where you are, no one will know.

No more blocked sites

Some websites only show content that is meant for the country that you are residing in. It also regularly happens that the government of a country ensures that some sites are unreachable, for example Google and Facebook in China. With a VPN connection, you will not need to worry about this. You create a connection with  a VPN server that is in a country without restrictions, and you will get full access to the desired websites.

A GOOSE VPN connection for MAC

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