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Never miss sports matches with a VPN

Stream the match you want to see anywhere with GOOSE VPN and cheer on your favorite team.


Cheer on your favorite team anytime, anywhere

Most sports matches can now also be streamed online. Super handy if you are on a holiday or if you are a fan of a sport that is not broadcast in your region, for example, American Football or rugby.

Often you are limited by the region you are in, and you can’t stream everything you want. With a VPN, this is a thing of the past. Start GOOSE VPN, choose the right location, and stream the match you want to see!


Stream sports matches safely

In addition to the paid streaming services for sports matches, there are also free live streams. These are often not just for free ;), this is often accompanied by malicious pop-ups. Go for safety and protect yourself when you stream online sports matches with a VPN.

With our secure VPN tunnel, you can safely enjoy all live streams and you can even safely stream online sports on a public network in a cafe or hotel.

Why choose sports streaming with GOOSE VPN?

Stream your favorite match, even if the content is not available at your location.

Stream on an unlimited number of devices with your family. The possibilities are endless.

Support in your language! Do you have questions? Our support is simply in English and available 24/7.

No download and upload limits. You can stream as much as you want without sacrificing quality and speed.

Stream unlimited sports

A big advantage of GOOSE VPN is that you can stream unlimited. This also means that you can stream multiple matches at the same time on different devices with your GOOSE VPN account. So you can even watch multiple matches at the same time. Because it is always difficult to choose which match will be the most exciting 😉


Stream live sports everywhere

More about streaming sports with a VPN

Do you want to know more about streaming with GOOSE VPN? Then read our blog articles.

Sport is limitless, and so is your choice

See what you want and where you want it. Nothing can stop you when you stream your matches with a VPN. With GOOSE VPN you can bypass geographical blocks and you can access all content with a secure connection.

Whether you want to stream football, tennis, boxing, or any other sporting event, you won’t miss a moment with a VPN. Now only to score!


Frequently asked questions

GOOSE VPN has different subscriptions for each kind of user. This gives you the opportunity to choose a subscription to fit your needs. We have a 30 day money back guarantee.  
  • GOOSE VPN 1 Month (9.99 a month)
    • No data limit
    • Free to cancel each month
    • 55+ Servers
    • No log policy
    • Unlimited devices
    • 30-day money back guarantee
  • GOOSE VPN 1 Year (59.88 a year)
    • No data limit
    • 55+ Servers
    • No log policy
    • Unlimited devices
    • 30-day money back guarantee
  • GOOSE VPN 5 Year (108 per 5 years)
    • No data limit 
    • 55+ Servers
    • No log policy
    • Unlimited devices
    • 30-day money back guarantee
  • GOOSE Cyber Alarm (from 2.50 a month)
    • Instant notifications of online threats
    • Malware and virus protection
    • Weekly Safety report
Select a package of your choice at our subscriptions page  
You can easily register by filling in our registration form, this includes an email address and password. Not in the mood to make a separate account? You can also login via Facebook. When you finished the payment the account can be used right away.
We are constantly searching for new and faster servers to add to our network. These servers are spread around the world, so there is a good chance that we have a server that you will like. Click here to see all available servers. Is the server you are looking for not on this list? Don’t worry. You can contact our support team. We are usually able to add servers within a couple of days. Also keep an eye on our list of servers to keep up-to-date with the newest available servers with and without P2P. Do you think we're missing a server? You can request a server of choice at our Server request form and we might add it to our servers soon.
GOOS VPN is available on all devices. If you have an active account you can naviagte to our download page after you logged in. If you don't have an account you can sign up here.

Streaming sports online in 3 steps!

Step 1

Choose the package that suits you and download the apps from GOOSE VPN on your smartphone, computer or tablet.

Step 2

Look in the list of available servers for streaming and choose a server in the location where you want to stream from.

Step 3

Ready, set, GO! Go to your favorite streaming service’s website or app and choose the match you want to watch. Now only to score in the match!

Choose the package that suits you

€4,99/ Month

€59.88 billed per year

1 Year

Save €60,88
Protected for one year
30 day money back guarantee
Lifetime Deal
€139,00/ One time


Unlimited bandwidth
Lifetime access to GOOSE VPN
30 day money back guarantee
€9,99/ Month

Monthly billed

1 Month

Can be canceled monthly
Extra flexible
30 day money back guarantee
24/7 Dutch support
Unblock all sports matches
Streaming guarantee
Unlimited Devices
30 day money back guarantee
No data limits
Unlimited streaming

Read here what our users think about us

Zofia Janicki
Goed om films en series uit het buitenland te kunnen kijken.
Yasmine Hassan
GOOSE VPN werkt snel en heeft een goede service.
Sanne Hendriks
Uitstekende klantenservice.Vragen worden snel beantwoord!
Sander Weber
Handig voor als je in het buitenland bent, of juist wanneer je iets uit het buitenland wilt kijken!
Sam Jones
Groot fan van de autopilot functie. Hierdoor hoef ik zelf niet na te denken over het inschakelen van de VPN.
Ramon de Jong
Werkt perfect en snelle servers.
Peter Schouten
Zeer te spreken over het product. Genoeg servers, werkt gemakkelijk, redelijke prijs en het Cyber Alarm is een goede toevoeging.
Pauline Visser
Eenvoudig, gemakkelijk en goedkoop!
Oliver Burke
Goed product. Weinig tot geen verlies in snelheid na inschakelen VPN.
Noud Wagner
GOOSE VPN is de perfecte oplossing om Nederlandse tv te kijken als ik op reis ben.

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