Surf the web without worries: use a VPN download

Why make use of a VPN download, when you already have a firewall and anti virus software? We all surf the Internet and usually don’t worry much about the security of the data that we send. Yet, the media warns us every day that surfing the web is not fully secure. The installation of firewalls and anti virus software are without a doubt useful to protect our PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet against unwanted intruders. However, to be able to use the Internet fully secured, your data should be encrypted in a thorough manner and you should be “invisible” on the web. This is possible with a VPN connection. Continue reading how you can secure your data stream with a VPN connection and have your identity remain secret.

How does a VPN download work?

The name “VPN” stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN connection takes place through existing Internet connections. So you don’t need to go and dig a hole in your garden to add new cables. When you have downloaded suitable software from a VPN provider, you can surf the web through a secure connection. The VPN download ensures that the data stream from and to your PC, smartphone or tablet will be encrypted in a secret manner. A hacker that would be able to get access to your Internet connection, wouldn’t be able to do anything with this encrypted data. Thus, your data is completely safe.

Use a VPN download to remain invisible on the Internet

It has its advantages to have your identity remain unknown on the web. Most of us do not realize how carefully our surfing behavior is monitored by all kinds of websites and organizations. Your Internet provider logs all of your activities on the Internet. Facebook and Google keep an eye on what products or services you are looking for and show you targeted ads. Most websites track cookies and know your preferences and interests. You can be sure of this: when you surf the web regularly, there is a lot more known about you than you think. Whomever sees this as a breach of privacy will be wise to download a VPN software to surf the web fully anonymously.

Identity and location unknown with a VPN connection

By making use of a VPN connection, your IP address (this is your “address” on the Internet) remains unknown. You create a connection with a VPN server that is located somewhere abroad. If you want to visit a certain website, this VPN server will establish a connection with the requested website. Seeing as the visited website can only “see” the IP address of the foreign VPN server, your identity and location will remain fully unknown.

Use a VPN connection with GOOSE VPN

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