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The best VPN service for Apple

Apple products are among the most popular in the world. Year after year, iPhones are at the top of sales lists for smartphones. The iPad has become a real cultural phenomena, and just like the mp3, the iPad brought us into a new era. And then we haven’t even talked about Apple’s computers and MacBooks, its true parade horses. The reason for this popularity is quite obvious: handsome design, high functionality and a grounded marketing machine. Nevertheless, even an Apple device cannot fully shield you from the dangers of the internet without a VPN service. Use a VPN service for Apple.

A VPN service for Apple

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and has become an indispensable product to ensure online security. By means of a VNP service, all communication from and to your IP address is encrypted. In addition, your IP address is replaced with the address of the VPN server, allowing you to safely browse the internet without having people or other services looking over your shoulders.

In 2017, the right regarding online privacy is more than ever disputed. Government institutions and cyber criminals have never been as active on the internet, so you need to watch out and know what you’re doing. The solution is to safeguard your online activities from their Argus’ eyes. Establishing a Virtual Private Network. An additional advantage for iPhone users is that they can mask their IP address to that of another country. This way, blocked content is accessible, which may certainly be useful while using an Apple product. By using a VPN service, you are able to avoid certain geo restrictions and censorship on your iPhone or iPad.

Why use a VPN for iPhone, iPad or iOS?

Apple is renowned for delivering safe products with incredible looks. However, ever since the first iPhone hit the market, a lot of questions came along regarding safety. Devices such a Mac are simply not as infallible as they used to be. Therefore it isn’t surprising that many iPhone, iPad or Mac owners are now looking for a VPN service. Why? Simple: All incoming and outgoing data that is sent from your device is encrypted.

Protection of your privacy

A firewall and antivirus software are means that protect you against malicious programs (malware) that can cause serious damage to your device. A VPN service is as important to protect you, but in this case, against quite another threat. In 2017, governments, advertisers, companies, websites and cyber criminals all want to get a hold of your internet traffic. An IP address is your digital address and without a Virtual Private Network, your data can be easily intercepted and stored. When a cyber criminal is able to find out what your IP address is, it is a lot easier for him to get hold of even more sensitive data.

Lifting the blockades

In addition to safety and privacy, a good VPN service also enables you to bypass geo restrictions and blocked websites. A good VPN service has servers all across the world, so that you can easily pretend to be in the region where the content isn’t blocked and watch it.

The VPN service for Apple from GOOSE VPN

GOOSE VPN is a Dutch VPN provider that offers the ideal solution for Apple users to take back their privacy and safety in their own hands. GOOSE VPN is inexpensive, has its own customer service and is perfectly suited for non-technical users thanks to its user-friendly interface. And in the contrary to other VPN providers, GOOSE VPN will never keep logs of its users thanks to its no-log policy! Click here to register with GOOSE with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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