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Safely on the internet with the entire family thanks to GOOSE VPN!

Nowadays we are all mobile and online all day. Especially the youth, who app, Snap, chat and are on Twitter and/or Facebook. As a parent you have little insight into the online anonymity of your children. You may have installed a firewall and good virus software, but that does not mean that online anonymity is guaranteed. In fact, there is a good chance that websites, companies and the government are still watching the social media of you and your family. Fortunately, there is a solution: VPN security, This allows you to ensure that the whole family is protected online!

What is VPN security?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Such a network is shielded and connects to another network via encrypted internet traffic. This means nobody can view your data or try to hack you.

Improve online security with VPN

When you use a VPN provider, you are assured of VPN anonymity. This means that your location is protected. If you just go on the internet, you can be recognized by the IP address assigned by your internet provider. It has servers all over the Netherlands. A VPN server can be anywhere in the world and assigns an IP address based on the location of a server. So suppose: you connect to a VPN server in the United States, then you will also get an American IP address. Even though you are physically in the Netherlands. This means that you surf safely and are anonymous. But it also gives you a lot of online freedom because websites that are normally bound by regional restrictions are accessible with a VPN connection.

How this works in practice: think of Dutch websites that only work in their own country. So when you’re on vacation, you can not view video content on, for example, or because it only works in the Netherlands. But if you connect from your holiday address to a Dutch server, you will get a Dutch IP address and you can access these websites. That works the same in the Netherlands when you want access to a foreign website that is blocked. If you connect from the Netherlands to a server abroad, you will receive a local IP address and you may be able to access this website. For example, you can access Netflix USA and thus much more content than Netflix Netherlands.

Online veiligheid VPN

Why GOOSE VPN for VPN anonymity

GOOSE VPN is very easy to use thanks to the simple client interface. You simply download the software on all major operating systems; such as Windows, Linux and OSX. The software also works on mobile devices that are supported by iOS or Android, so that the phones and other devices of the whole family are protected and can be appraised and streamed to your heart’s content. Moreover, the children are so safe on social media without having to worry about being hacked.

An additional advantage is that with GOOSE VPN you also have access to the American content of Netflix. Many VPN providers are blocked by Netflix but that does not apply to GOOSE VPN. You can also visit certain torrent websites. And all of that at a very high speed.

Get to know more about online safety and GOOSE VPN

Do you want to use the internet safely, chat and stream? Then choose GOOSE VPN. Would you like to learn more about the services of GOOSE VPN? Click on this link and discover all the benefits!

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