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VPN and encryption ensure safe messaging

How many times do you hear about it. Privacy sensitive information – sent by mobile phones – that is accessible to anyone on the street. Sometimes with nasty consequences and a rising discussing about online safety as a result. Sometimes you just have these calls that no-one is allowed to hear. Calls that aren’t coming from the anonymity. Besides a normal conversation, under four eyes with the addressed person, a VPN is the best option to send messages safely through the internet. A VPN service in combination with locking your messages should lead to full security. This locking of the messages is also called encryption.


Is your message encrypted, no one can then read your message. Your message is in anonymity. Interception of your message is possible, but opening your message is something totally different and so the content of the message can’t be found. The person who intercepted your message doesn’t have the key and can’t decipher your message. A key? Look at it als a password that can decipher the message. A message without a key or password is worth nothing. Because: not able to open, so not able to read. So very safe. Despite the fact that you can’t open the messages, you can trace the origin of the message, and also to who it is sent. This information can also be hidden by using a VPN service. Nothing to read and nothing to trace, there is not a safer way.

WhatsApp Encryption

Despite the fact that a lot of people don’t know what encrypting files really is, we work with it on a daily basis. Because almost everybody uses WhatsApp. This message service uses end-to-end encryption. All the messages are encrypted, without the need for the sender to do anything with it. When you sent a message with WhatsApp, the app will encrypt the message. The message then goes through the internet to the addressed person. The phone of the receiver has the key (or the password) automatically to open and read the sent messages. Both the sender as the receiver don’t have to do anything, it just happens. No matter the sensitivity of the information, no matter the importance of privacy: It is safe to send sensitive information through WhatsApp.

VPN en Encryptie


Still not fully sure about it? Almost anyone knows the cloud service Dropbox. In there, files – like for example photo’s – are stored. Dropbox encrypts just like WhatsApp the standard files you store. So even if curious hackers hack into this service, they can’t open and read the files you places in Dropbox.. Even the hackers miss the key to look at them. Incidentally, the encryption of services like WhatsApp are under pressure, mainly due to the fight against terrorism. For the AIVD, the encryption is a disaster. Messages from and to potential terrorist attacks can be intercepted but he content can’t be seen.

Still protect yourself

Don’t you fully trust the encryption of your applications? Don’t be wrong and purchase a VPN connection. A log-free VPN Service will make sure that you are untraceable. They can’t trace your log in location or the place where you are surfing, in other words full anonymity. Curious about how to safely sent privacy sensitive information through the internet? Go to COOSE VPN (Virtual Private Network). They can offer you a secured and anonymous access to the network and they represent online security. Simply said: VPN offers a professional service for protecting your online data.

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