You think you can't be hacked? Use a VPN client!
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You think that you can’t be hacked? Use a VPN client!

Most of us have somehow protected their PC or laptop against hacking. By hacking, we mean the unauthorized entry into a computer system. A hacker can compromise your security in all kinds of different ways. If you’ve set a simple password for example, it isn’t that hard for an attacker to figure it out. But more sophisticated methods like phishing are often used as well. In this case, hackers pretend to be a trusted organization (your financial institute, for example) and try to retrieve your login information. Common methods to prevent hacking are regularly installing software updates, using antivirus program and deploying a firewall. But using a secure connection will most definitely deny hackers any chance. A secure connection is a VPN client.  

Why use a VPN client?

The fact that the computer systems of nuclear power plants, air control towers, government institutes and so on all make use of an extremely secure network connection is quite obvious. But do you never think about whatever devices can be hacked at your home? Have you ever thought, for example, of your webcam? Hackers may find a way to enable your webcam without notice, so they can spy on you whenever they want to. Gaining access to your domotics system is a breeze if you have set a simple password (or no password at all). Malicious people would be able to remotely control your garage door if you’re not at home. Or spy on your baby if our baby monitor is connected via a poorly secured Wi-Fi connection. Gaining access to your smart TV, checking which TV series you watch and even eavesdropping on personal conversations (if your smart TV is equipped with voice recognition) are all among the possibilities and security risks. If you use a Wi-Fi camera, a hacker may steal your personal images. So it’s time to consider a secure VPN connection.

What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. With a VPN client, data is sent using secure protocols through existing computer networks. The data is encrypted, so that is impossible for hackers to steal the data and identify the user. VPN services are already offered by many providers.

The advantages of GOOSE VPN

Surprised by the above examples of hacking? This can all be avoided by using a secure VPN connection. You then have a fully secured internet connection, denying hackers any change of stealing your data. You can even completely safely and anonymously surf on any public Wi-Fi network, without being at risk. Your PIN codes and secret passwords are encrypted so that no one can figure them out. GOOSE VPN can be used on all devices and operating systems: Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Installing the software is a pint of a penny. If you want to try it out for free, you can do so with GOOSE VPN. Visit the website and freely use a super secure VPN connection for one month!

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