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Easy ways to get your hacked email account back

Anyone who spends a lot of time on the Internet will run into this problem at some point in time, whether during the early school years or during your business career. Having your email hacked is not a laughable matter. Especially when your mailbox contains a lot of passwords. Here are a couple of easy ways to ensure you will get your account back.

Reset your password

Hacked accounts occur more often than you think. Often times, frauludent emails are the basis for this. Hackers who have access to your mailbox can often access your passwords and such. Acting quick is therefore important when you notice your email account has been hacked. Although the chance is big that this method is not going to work, you can try to reset your password. Often times, hackers aren’t so professional and they simply want to cause a little stir and then this might work. Request your password and it will be sent to your alternative email address.

Contact the email provider

If you haven’t succeeded in resetting your password, you can always contact the provider of your email address. Providers such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo have pages where users of the hacked account can reclaim their account. On these pages, you will get to see a number of questions which you will have to answer in order to get your account back. The questions may vary from the date your account has been created, what your old password was or even the security question that you created and thus only you know the answer to.

How to prevent an account from being hacked?

Hackers can get their hands on your data in various ways to hack your account. This can be done through fraudulent emails or an unsecure Internet connection. The latter is nowadays a real danger, seeing as free WiFi is offered everywhere. Whether you are at the airport or at a hotel. Free WiFi however often means an unsecure connection that others are also using. When these people have bad intentions, it will be a piece of cake for them to get their hands on your data.

To surf the Internet safely you can make use of a VPN, or Virtual Private Network. This network connection ensures that no one can find out about your identity, location or IP address. Read also: Why use a VPN service?

In the Netherlands, this service is offered by GOOSE VPN. With this service you can make use of public and even free WiFi everywhere. Using a VPN with GOOSE will only cost you 2.99 euro per month. Those who would rather test the service first can make use of the special promotion whereby you can try GOOSE one month for free. Try it now and hackers will never bother you again.

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