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Why Google saves user history and what can you do against it?

Did you know that Google saves your user history? Especially at a time like this, when privacy on the internet is being questioned, and with governments and security agencies that constantly use this data, it has become a necessity to make your online security and privacy on the web a top priority. Fortunately, there are a number of possibilities.

Why does Google collect your personal data?

The world’s best-known search engine is known for collecting the personal data of its users and selling it to third parties. It is therefore no longer right that you feel vulnerable on the internet. But before we take the search engine to court for privacy reasons, you should check what type of information they collect and why. One of the types of data they collect is from the services you use such as Maps, Youtube or your email. This includes your search history, website history, which videos you view, which ads you click on and where you are located. The events, photos and videos that you store on your account are also recorded, just like the personal details you have to enter to create an account.

But why, you wonder? All these log files serve primarily to provide a better service to you. Just think of the real-time traffic overview you get, or the auto correction if you enter certain search terms in the search bar. And how easy it is not to see all your data filled in if you have to fill out an online form again. In addition, you get recommended videos and content presented through targeting. All these log files make your online activities a lot easier.

The downside

The search engine from California claims to use all this information exclusively in order to offer better user friendliness. But all these advantages naturally have their downside. This is how your online anonymity completely disappeared. After all, all your online activities are tracked so that you receive a lot of things by means of targeting. But do we always want that? Fortunately, there is a way to clear your history. Once logged in to your google account you can go to the tab ‘Personal information and privacy’. Here you can activate or deactivate all functions for tracking your history.

But if Google no longer tracks these activities, that doesn’t mean your browser does not.

VPN anonymity

Online security and online anonymity are two important issues when it comes to internet use. Because we obviously do not want our personal data to be shared with advertisers or even worse… hackers. Sometimes surfing anonymously is just a necessity. And no, we are not talking about illegal activities. Just think of whistleblowers who want to bring to light the ills and thus benefit from being able to surf anonymously. Or activists who want to keep their location secret. But it can also be handy for everyday activities such as streaming a video, or hiding your location to avoid geographical restrictions. A VPN is a frequently used means of doing this.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is, as it were, an encrypted internet connection that ensures that other users can not view your data. The server you use for this is an intermediate station of which you choose the location yourself, so you are actually anonymous.

VPN vs. Google logs

Why can I use a VPN?

That VPN means security you will have understood by now, but the use of such a secure connection is useful to more people than you might suspect. How often do you use a free public Wi-Fi network at the airport, restaurant or in a hotel? What you often do not think about is that this free internet connection is very unsafe. This way other users and therefore also hackers can easily retrieve your data. Using a Virtual Private Network wll increase your security online considerably.

But besides VPN security there is another big advantage. Due to the fact that you can choose the server yourself, you can determine the location of your internet connection yourself. This has its advantages. This way you can easily view the larger American Netflix offer by using a server in the US. Or you can circumvent certain restrictions on social media in countries such as China, Russia and North Korea. That VPN anonymity ensures that you do not get into trouble right away. This means when you stream a movie or watch a series via the PC you will be safe.


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