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Internet terms explained: the difference between a VPN, Tor and VPN router

In a digital era in which the Internet is growing faster than our children, it can be difficult to keep up. When you come into contact with the Internet, you will come across all kinds of abbreviations. HTTP, IP and then we are forgetting about the many abbreviations that are used in chats. Explaining all terms in just one article is probably impossible, but here we will explain three different terms concerning the security of your Internet connection


A Virtual Private Network differentiates based on its target audience. For example, there are virtual networks that are sold to individual users. And then there are business VPNs that are used to provide employees with a secure connection in their office. And lastly, there is the virtual network that connects two locations through a secured connection. With a Virtual Private Network, we mean a connection that you create through the server of the  VPN provider, allowing a secured connection to be established, making sure to encrypt all data that is transmitted. In other words, no one can steal your personal data. This security is mostly recommended to users that often make use of a public WiFi network.


Tor has the same intention as a Virtual Private Network. It ensures for secure data transmission through a secured connection, you surf anonymously on the Internet and circumvent any georestrictions seeing as the server that you use is located in another country. So what is the difference with Tor? The only difference is that Tor does not allow you to choose what server to use. Tor sends your data through three different computers, whereby the first one knows what your real location is, but the last in line does not. Seeing as the connection through Tor is going through three different computers rather than a server of a virtual private network, it is obvious that the speed of the connection is also a lot less.

VPN router

A Virtual Private Network Server route is a connection whereby your own router is used to start a secured network. This type of connection will allow you to create a secure connection with the Internet, however it will not hide your physical location.

Who offers a Virtual Private Network?

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